Example Infographic for SEO

This customer wanted to create a brand identity that encouraged a community of followers that saw them as thought leaders. By understanding the clients’ market and researching the latest developments; a study was made that would encourage Big Data managers to consult Logikk when resource planning for projects. By depicting the benefits of a meeting in a graphical form potential clients were better able to experience the relevance of my Logikk as an expert in their field.

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Ivan Klima: Quotes from ‘Love & Garbage’

ivan-klimaA book must be an axe for the frozen sea within us. p.92

When we embraced again, I didn’t think of what would happen, of what I’d do, of what I’d say, where I’d return to or where we’d go together; I was only conscious of her proximity. I returned to lies once more. There is nothing by which a person can justify a lie. It corrodes the soul just as much as indifference or hate… I can’t make up my mind, I can’t renounce my passion, nor can I draw the consequences from it. I cannot depart altogether, I am unable to live in truth. I have hedged myself in with excuses, I’m having every sentence I utter examined by a guard dog. I’ve accommodated a whole pack of them with me. p.83 – 89

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Love, Argentina and Hermann Hesse

Author of Demian

Hermann Hesse‘s works are more important to us now that society cries birthing pains in anticipation of something better, something to love and hold on to. He was a champion for the sensitive and tormented that suffer in their development toward self knowledge. Just as Hesse speaks for the world so is Argentina representative of it. It’s a place where those that have wealth have no purpose, those that have comfort lack peace and those that have nothing suffer the crime of poverty. Continue reading

SEO for Yoga charity in Reading

Some of you might know that the great love in my life is Yoga, since I’ve been let in on the open secret of breath and movement my life has changed. I’m continually amazed by how through simplification one is directed to a deeper significance and reality of their inner space. How breath and body combine to be that most sublime of teachers; communicating perfectly with the individual for them to learn.

Free Yoga classes for all

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